RV Bumper, Bumper Cover & Caps Bundle 4429244, 3269696, 4440208, & 4410151

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RV Store Direct is pleased to offer a steel RV Bumper Aluminum Bumper Cover, Bumper Caps, and E-Z Hose Carrier Bundle that saves our customers $26 on their order.   

What's in the bundle:

1.  Steel RV bumper 4429244 - Qty 1 
2.  Aluminum RV bumper cover 3269696 - Qty 1
3.  RV Rubber Bumper Caps 4440208 - Qty 1
4.  RV E-Z Hose Carrier  4410151 - Qty 1

Bundle Description

RV Sewer bumper dimensions:  The RV steel hose bumper length is 96" long and consists of 14 gauge steel .080 thickness & is unpainted steel, you will want to paint it. The RV Hose Bumper is 4" square tube with and ID of 3 3/4" which allows room for storage of the sewer hose.  

Aluminum Bumper Cover:  The aluminum RV bumper cover is made of extruded aluminum.  The RV bumper cover helps protect your steel RV sewer bumper from scratches and wear and tear. The RV bumper cover hides standard 4" x 4" box RV bumper. The bumper cover is easily installed with metal screws (not included). Total length of bumper cover is 96".

RV Bumper Caps:  The RV Store Direct has sewer hose bumper plugs or caps that are great replacements for all square RV bumper end caps or plugs. The RV sewer bumper plugs or caps are designed with tabs to make a more secure fit inside the RV Sewer bumper. The tabs fit in predrilled holes in the RV bumpers or you can add the holes to your existing RV bumper.  The RV bumper plugs are made of durable rubber for years of use and happy camping.

E-Z Hose Hose Carrier is 46" Long and is design to hold the sewer hose and is a good alternative to carrying the hose in the steel RV bumper.

$.99 shipping terms: This product bundle comes with $.99 shipping to most regions, exceptions may apply.

 PROP 65 WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information, visit www.P65Warnings.ca.gov