RV Bumper B Mount-n-Lock Super-Strong Aluminum RV Replacement Kit (4.0in x 4.0in,Glossy Black 92in)

RV Bumper B Mount-n-Lock Super-Strong Aluminum RV Replacement Kit (4.0in x 4.0in,Glossy Black 92in)

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No Rust RV bumper:  The Mount-n-Lock HEAVY-HAUL'R Super-Strong Bolt-On Rust-Proof Aluminum RV Bumper Replacement Kit is designed to replace your RV's existing square steel bumper or add a bumper where none exists.

Many RVers experience partial or complete bumper failure due to overloading of the stock bumper with cargo accessories such as bike racks and cargo trays. Once the stock bumpers start to break free of the frame, there's not much that can be done other than to replace them.

  • Follow Our Clear & Concise Instructions for a Safe & Secure Installation. Requires Drilling.
  • Lab, Road, and Time-Tested. Overloaded and Bounce Tested over 1 million cycles at Peak 1.5 G Loads
  • Long-Lasting, All-Aluminum RV Bumper Tube Looks Great and Won't Rust
  • Customize your Bumper’s Length, Finish, and Bracket Count at www.amazon.com/dp/B088RKKXDV
  • Provides up to 500 Pound-Feet of Externally-Mounted Cargo Capacity for Normal Highway Driving

Super Strong RV Bumper:  Our kit allows people to quickly and easily replace their stock steel bumper with a superior aluminum one; no welding and no painting required. Plus, the innovative design of our aluminum replacement bumper mounting brackets allows you to carry up to 500 pound-feet of cargo (i.e., 500 pounds supported one foot out from bumper) with our 4.0-Inch bumper and up to 600 pound-feet with our 5.3 and 6.0-Inch bumpers, well in excess of the weight ratings for stock bumpers.

Upgrade from your old, rusty 4-inch square rv tube bumper to this stylish, strong, all-aluminum cargo bumper. Our patent-pending design weighs only 21 pounds (bumper, brackets, and fasteners) for the 4.0-Inch, 34 pounds for the 5.3-Inch, and 40 pounds for our 6.0-Inch, and installs easily on most vehicle frames using common tools. Adding this bumper to your RV provides you not only rust-free storage for your sewer hose, but also a rigid "backbone" for the quick, safe, and strong mounting of bumper-mounted hitches such as our ShakeStopper Clamping Hitch and other accessories such as our GennyGo Generator & Cargo Carrier Tray Kits. Make the most of your journeys by taking along more of the gear that you need and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing it will arrive safely at your destination