RV Bumper A 14 Gauge Steel | Standard 4" x 4" Bumper | RV Rear Bumper (with Bumper Plugs)

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Just like on your car, truck, or van, the bumper on your RV is a crucial component. It serves to safeguard you in the event of an accident and provides additional space for attaching items like bike racks, grills, and more. However, when the RV bumper is on your RV, its significance goes beyond these functions. At RV Store Direct, we recognize the vital role these components play in enhancing your RV experience. That's why we present you with a resilient and top-notch option to ensure durability and quality.

  • Dimensions: 92” Length
  • Dimensions: 4” Width
  • Dimensions: 4” Height
  • Made in America
  • Weld-on
  • Needs to be primed and painted
  • Raw metal
  • 14 gauge

Crafted in the United States, this robust RV trailer bumper is constructed from sturdy, untreated metal. Spanning dimensions of 4” in height, 4” in width, and 92” in length, this bumper also serves as a convenient storage space for your plumbing hose. Safeguarding your plumbing hose from potential damage or interference is crucial, and that's why ensuring its protection is of utmost importance. Our resilient RV rear bumper offers you the assurance you seek, acting as a reliable shield for your plumbing hose. Beyond mere protection, it plays a vital role in preserving the hygiene and cleanliness of your plumbing system by keeping bugs and pests at bay. Shielding your plumbing hose from the challenges of the road, it prevents the formation of tears or leaks, thereby averting potential issues during your vacation. A broken plumbing hose can not only be inconvenient but also pose sanitation risks, making the durability of our RV rear bumper a valuable asset to your travels.